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Membership Benefits

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Please note: this wiki is no longer actively maintained. 
Up-to-date digitization guidelines for Wisconsin Heritage Online--now Recollection Wisconsin--can be found at 


For more information about the Recollection Wisconsin program, visit us at http://recollectionwisconsin.org.




Why join WHO?

All cultural heritage institutions that hold materials related to Wisconsin history and culture are invited to participate in Wisconsin Heritage Online, a collaborative statewide digitization program. Although WHO does not provide digitization services, we can assist your organization with digital project planning and training as well as content management and web hosting services. Thanks to a generous grant from the Nicholas Family Foundation, the majority of these services are available at no cost (with a paid annual WHO membership) through December 2013.


Through the Wisconsin Heritage Online portal, your digital collection can reach audiences you may never have imagined. Students, teachers, genealogists, history buffs, and anyone who values our state and its wealth of resources can use WHO to write a research paper, refresh a syllabus, plan a visit to a museum or historic site, or discover their ancestors.


With WHO’s training and hosting services, developing a digital project does not have to mean reinventing the wheel. Our Outreach Specialist will help you select materials, choose equipment, and develop a work plan. Our data templates, standards, and other guidelines will help you streamline the digitization process.


Advantages of WHO Membership

  • Communication. Plug in to a statewide network of cultural heritage organizations engaged in digital projects. Discover opportunities for grants, interns, partnerships, and other support.
  • Marketing. Increase the visibility of your digital content through WHO's coordinated marketing. Establish an online presence to maximize the findability of your organization. Your organization's "brand" will be clearly identified.
  • Learning. Work closely with WHO staff to plan and launch your digital project. Gain access to WHO's professionally-developed standards and guidelines for digital content management.
  • Collection administration. As a member, you'll have access to our content management system as well as hosting services for your digital collection.


Become a Member!

Wisconsin Heritage Online membership dues are an annual contribution of $50 (for a small institution) or $100 (for a large institution or consortium). To sign up for membership, print and fill out our Membership Form and return by mail or fax. Questions? Contact WHO Outreach Specialist Emily Pfotenhauer at epfotenhauer@wils.wisc.edu or 608-265-2138. 

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