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WHO Glossary

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Born-digital – Digital materials that originated in the digital realm and have no analog or print counterpart. 


Content – A digital representation of a physical record or a born-digital record AND its accompanying metadata.


Content Management System (CMS) – A software system for managing and displaying digital images and multimedia content. A good CMS handles simple and qualified Dublin Core elements and is OAI (Open Archives Initiative) compliant. Unlike simple HTML image postings, the use of a CMS provides consistent, standards-based management and movement of digital collection materials.


Content Provider - A member institution that has agreed to allow the University of Wisconsin to harvest the metadata associated with its digital materials (regardless of where that material is hosted) and place it within the WHO metadata index.


Content Server – The server hosted and run by the Milwaukee Public Library or the Wisconsin Historical Society where the digitized content uploaded by a hosted content provider resides. Currently these servers are managed by CONTENTdm, a digital content management system.


Controlled Vocabulary – A pre-selected list of terms used to tag units of information so that they may be more easily retrieved by a search. 


Dublin Core – Dublin Core is a standardized metadata schema intended to facilitate the discovery of digital resources. The WHO metadata elements are based on the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set. 


Harvesting – Unlike a search engine (i.e. Google), which can only point to information, web harvesting software can extract and index selected digital content.


Hosted Content Provider – A member institution that has, through additional agreement, loaded its digital content onto the server maintained by the Milwaukee Public Library or the Wisconsin Historical Society.    


Member Institution – An organization, business, non-profit or governmental agency whose dues are paid in full.


Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) – A contract stating the terms of agreement between Wisconsin Heritage Online and a hosted content provider.


Metadata – Standardized cataloging information about digital material. Metadata provides structure, meaning and context for digital content and enables computers to organize and provide access to digital collections. 


Metadata Index – The searchable online index hosted and run by the University of Wisconsin, comprised of material harvested from content providers.


Partner – An organization, individual, business, non-profit or governmental agency that commits to a substantial share of expenses of organizing or running WHO services, including contractual staff or expertise, web hosting or content management services, reformatting services, or host for reformatting equipment shared with other institutions. 


Portal – The central website for searching the Wisconsin Heritage Online metadata index, displaying the retrieved metadata and thumbnails, and then linking out to the home server of the selected digital item. http://wisconsinheritage.org


Wiki – A website that enables the easy creation of related web pages by multiple users. Contributors to a wiki use a simple markup language or text editor within a web browser. 

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