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WHO Membership Form

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Wisconsin Heritage Online – Membership Dues *

  FY13 (July 2012-June 2013)                                            

Large organization                            $100                                                       

Small organization                            $ 50                                                       

Each institution determines whether they are large or small. For-profit organizations are invited to join at the $100 level.


Name of Institution:     __________________________________________


Street Address:            __________________________________________  


City/State/Zip:             __________________________________________


Contact Person:            __________________________________________


Email address:              __________________________________________


Phone:                          __________________________________________


We will join/renew Wisconsin Heritage Online in the ___LARGE___SMALL category.

_______ Please send invoice.

_______ A check is enclosed. Make check payable to Wisconsin Library Services.

_______ Remove from deposit account.  



Wisconsin Heritage Online, 728 State Street Room 464, Madison, WI 53706

FAX: 608.262.6067

or email to Emily Pfotenhauer, epfotenhauer@wils.wisc.edu  

* The figures above are suggested contributions. Please give what your budget can handle. Thank you!

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